Facebook Contest for Lead Generation

Nov 30, 2012
Nicole Arnold

Facebook Contests for Lead GenerationA Facebook Contest can be an effective way to generate leads and build a loyal following—if you know what you’re doing. This post shows you how to launch a smoking hot Facebook contest that will fill your lead list in 10 easy-to-do steps.

Are you ready to gain a fresh batch of friends and influence new prospects? Okay, then, let’s get started.


  • Identify your ideal customers and create a profile of them. Who are you trying to reach? If you want to do business with them, then you’ll need to know what they like and dislike. So, grab a blank piece of paper and scribble down your ideal customers’ basic values and emotional triggers. Point form is okay. Doing this step will payoff later, when you start to shape the message you’ll send to them.
  • Set a goal for your contest. You can figure this out simply by asking yourself, ‘What do I hope to achieve with this contest?’ When setting a goal, remember to attach a number, so that you can measure the results at the end of the contest. For example, you may wish to increase sales by 30%. Your answer will likely go something like this:
    • I want to build my fans, followers, or subscriber list.
    • I want to generate more sales
    • I want to engage customers.
  • Establish a posting strategy within your network. Choose people within your network to promote the message about your contest on their own Facebook page, websites, and Twitter feed. Make sure to say, ‘Pretty please with sugar on top’ to grease the wheels.

Hey, what do you know? You’re almost a third of the way through this project. Pretty easy, huh? Okay, let’s keep going!


  • Choose an offer your ideal customer can’t refuse, based on the profile you created. The profile will allow you to read your customers’ mind, if it’s done well. So, figure out what will entice your ideal customer to participate in your contest. Here are two offers that always attract attention:
    • Sweepstake with a prize
    • Discount coupons or promotional codes
  • Identify where they hang-out and create openings where you can connect with them. For example:
    • Let your fans know about your upcoming contest via an email campaign, press release, or Facebook post
    • Drive qualified prospects to your contest through a Pay-Per-Click ad campaign on Facebook.
  • Now that you’ve got your mouth-watering offer, it’s time to invite participants to make submissions. Ask everyone who participates in the contest to get involved. Encourage them to submit text-based messages, photos, or videos. By including this step, you provide a way for participants to engage themselves personally. The more they engage, the closer they come to being your ideal customer.

And guess what? You’re more than halfway done! Woo-hoo, you!


  • Craft your message until it sparkles and then deliver it to your ideal customer. Use all your writing powers to fashion an irresistible sales message. Now push it out!
  • Meet and greet your participants. Here’s the heart and soul of Engagement Marketing. Remember to always make it super-easy for them to connect with you. Foster a relationship with each one. As you communicate with them, be sure to demonstrate that you are the friendly expert in your field by educating new followers about your brand. Don’t wait until the contest is over; begin demonstrating your expertise as soon as you receive new followers. Continue to integrate new followers into your community.
    • Send them an email with an edifying tip or two
    • Direct them to a blog post that shows them how to solve a problem they face.
  • Introduce new followers to your products and services immediately. Don’t forget to showcase your goodies, whatever they may be. But don’t be a pushy salesman. You’re an Engagement Marketer, after all. So, unveil the splendor of your wares in a manner that is persuasive and gracious.


  • Measure and optimize your campaign. Look at the goals you set at the beginning of the campaign. Did you reach your goal? If you fell short, why? It’s all good. With each experience, you grow and gain new skills or improve upon established ones. Whether or not you reached your goals with this Contest, celebrate the fact that you completed the project! You actually ran a Facebook Contest. That’s a major accomplishment that you now have under your belt. All right, you! Give yourself a knuckle bump.

Would you like a worksheet to plan this all out? Surprise! I created one just for you. You can get your copy by joining my community.

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It’s a good article but a discussion of facebook apps would be helpful. Executing the contest, as in getting traction is way harder than brainstorming ideas IMO. If you want to run the contest for lead gen for example, not all apps accommodate this very well.

Nicole Arnold
October 9, 2013 12:26 pm

Thanks Nick for taking the time to read my article. I agree, not all apps integrate into a lead gen system as easily. I have used a few free and paid apps for different clients depending on what their budget constraints are. I like the Constant Contact Social Campaigns product. It does the job, and integrates seamlessly with their email marketing platform. I also find that picking a suitable prize and targeting the market demographically with PPC ads really increases the quality of leads that are generated from a Facebook contest. Hope to see you back here again soon, Nicole

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