Social Media Engagement Etiquette Part V: Sharing is Caring

Oct 09, 2012
Nicole Arnold

Social Media Engagement Etiquette Part V: Sharing is CaringThis is the fifth installment in the Mind Your Manners ~ Simple Rules for Social Media Engagement Etiquette.

Why do we always tell kids to share? We insist they share their toys, their snacks, their games; and usually, the concept sinks in after repeated coaching. We do it because it helps them become better friends to one another, and boosts their ability to function in groups. What we may not realize though, is that we are also teaching our little ones all about marketing. This brings us to the fifth simple rule of social media engagement etiquette: sharing is caring.

Kids who share willingly can play well with others, easily passing toys back and forth. As kids grow, their sharing often becomes proactive, as in, “Do you want some of my pretzels? They’re so good.” or “Look at my new toy! Try it out!” Before you know it, all the kids want those pretzels and all the kids want that toy. And they don’t just want it, they clamor for it! It’s word of mouth, the oldest, most effective form of marketing. You can recreate this contagious demand through your social media engagement, simply by sharing the right information in the most captivating way.

When you post updates or information on your page, provide links and encourage your fans to share it. Ensure the type of information you’re sharing is interesting or helpful, however, because your fans won’t be inclined to share uninteresting or useless material. Frame the post properly, with a catchy introduction
that will grab attention. Just like the kid who loves his pretzels, your fans should know you’re sharing something awesome that you love and they should feel as though you just can’t wait to tell them about it. The more “shares” you get, the more potential clients will be exposed to your material. And, even better,
they can link back to your page.

Another way to foster sharing and online networking is to promote others. If you like something someone else did or said, share it and explain why you liked it. Tell your fans why you’re sharing it. This increases your visibility, but also lets others know you are an amiable, conscientious business person. Remember, sharing is caring and the more you share, the the more you appear to care.

It’s remarkable how sharing yields the same results, whether you’re 5 years old or all grown up. Kids who share have more fun and end up with more friends. Adults accomplish the same thing, when they use the simple, contagious principles of sharing in their marketing efforts.

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