The Best Resources I Have Found For Timeline

Mar 11, 2012
Nicole Arnold

Facebook Thumbs UpFacebook has really made some huge changes in the past few months.  First, they unveiled Timelines for individuals, and just last week for brand pages.  Everyone I talk to has their own opinion about timeline.  A few people I know are avoiding it until the bitter end – you know who you are.  I personally was excited about it for my personal page, but I was unsure about how it would affect business pages. Like it or not, Timeline is here to stay.  Here are the best sources I have found to navigate the changes.

Timeline for your personal page:

Here is a great video from Facebook explaining Timeline

Here are some ideas for creating your own Timeline cover images

And you can check out my profile here, and make sure we are friends

Timeline for your business page:

Here is a great video tutorial

Ideas for your cover images.  I have two links to share here, one from Constant Contact and the other from All Facebook

And you should check out Little Cottage’s Facebook Page and like us too

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