a web design and inbound marketing agency providing affordable services to small businesses and non profits. I believe that quality design, hard work, and communication are the keys to solving your business needs.
Get to know me

About Nicole Arnold

Running a business can get overwhelming in a twinkling of an eye—especially when you’re making most of the decisions on your own. Let’s face it; no one is an expert at everything. That’s where I can help you. I’m brimming with the kind of qualities that make the ideal marketer. I’m a social butterfly, a loyal ally and the friendly expert on inbound marketing.

As an Inbound Marketer, I believe that customers should be actively engaged in marketing the brands they love. When customers help to market their favorite brands, it’s the ultimate connection. That’s why I created Little Cottage Services—to build productive, meaningful, and lasting relationships and help others to do the same.

Why You’ll Love Working With Me

  • Proactive approach to achieving and delivering quality results.
  • Successfully deliver individual and team projects meeting and exceeding objectives and client expectations.
  • Ability to work in an entrepreneurial and start up environment and understand the pressures that this brings.
  • Robust and assertive approach combined with the ability to maintain the clients expectations and perspective at the forefront.

What I Do

I build beautiful, affordable websites for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Let me guess; you need a new website? Do any of these apply to you?

  • Did you recently pull your site up on your smart phone only to find the font is so small you need to borrow your grandma’s bifocals?
  • Maybe you had it built in 1996, and it has all this cool flashy stuff, but when you try to look at your site on an iPad none of that cool stuff is there?
  • Perhaps you’re a new business owner. You know you need a website but you have no idea where to start and you have a really small budget.
  • Or, worst case scenario, the last web designer you worked with charged you an arm and a leg, fell way short when it came to completing the project and now you are stuck with a half-finished monstrosity.

If any of my guesses were dead on, or even remotely close, keep reading. You’re in the right place. Since 2009, I have been building websites that are:

Ten years ago, no one had a smart phone. If your site looked great on a desktop, that was all that mattered. These days, just about everyone owns a smart phone or tablet, which means your website needs to respond to every device out there. Not only that, it needs to fit you. Each website I build is customized specifically for the message your business or non-profit wants to convey.

What’s that saying; “You get what you pay for?” That may be true, but it doesn’t mean you have to sign away your first born child to get a quality website built. It’s also true that hiring that guy that lives in his mom’s basement or the cheap do it yourself option may not be the best route either. I price my websites right in the middle without sacrificing quality.

Your website has a job; help people find you, provide information about you, and help you gain new customers. Well, just like an employee, how do you know if your website needs a raise or to be fired if you don’t set goals for it? As an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional I help set realistic goals and then track your progress towards them. Every website I build comes with Google Analytics and Websmaster Tools.

Just because you use a toothbrush it doesn’t make you a dentist. If you had a cavity, you probably wouldn’t visit the grocery store to get it fixed, or do it yourself. If you did, you probably wouldn’t get the best results. The same holds true when it comes to building a quality website. And just because you could do it yourself, doesn’t mean you should. I am a professional; I build quality websites and your satisfaction, is important to me. 


A glimpse of work I’ve done for forward thinking brands and clients

Charlie Kae Formals


Glorious Collections

Mid Michigan Water Damage

Fenton Winery & Brewery

Bridge Street Exchange


Buy & Sell Hunting Dogs

Holly Community Coalition

Grow Linden


Arbor Vitae

Holly Area Chamber of Commerce

Maurer Heating & Cooling

Warn Partners

Balance for Life

Website Packages

The Business Card Website
Reasonably Priced

  • Looking for a website that shares what you have to offer, without breaking the bank? Than this website package is for you. It gives just the right amount of information to let people know who you are, what you have to offer, and a place where they can take the next step.
The Non-Profit Website
Within Your Budget
  • Show off what your organization does and find donors? Than this is the website package for you. Tons of features including on page search engine optimization, and social media integration. Bonus, you can collect donations right from your website through paypal!
The Small Business Website
Powerful & Affordable
  • Are you a Small Business Owner looking to showcase your expertise? Multiple pages to share your business with your ideal customer, and the features you need to make sales right from your site. Also included, on site search engine optimization and Google Analytics to track your efforts.
The eCommerce Website
Cheaper Than Rent
  • Thinking of opening an online store? Maybe you want to run a classified site? This website has all the features you are looking for to start earning online. Search engine optimization, social media integration, and of course a place to display  and sell all of your items.

These days you can’t get by without having a web presence. Whether you are an established business or you are just starting out, Little Cottage Services, LLC can Custom Design a Website to fill your business needs. You can check out more examples of my work below. If you are interested in a quote for Little Cottage Services to build your website, fill out the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours.

My Process

Meet with client to determine goals and design.

Build website reflective of content and client goals.

Audit website with client to determine additions/changes.

Launch final website and provide ongoing maintenance.